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Meeting Dr. Paul Clayton, Part 2. Face to Face with Science: Chronic Inflammation

On October 28th 2019 Dr Clayton will be in Bucharest to participate in a free conference  for those interested about health. Location: Excelsior Theatre, Str Academiei nr 28.

You can join the Conference here:

At the end of the article you will find all Zinzino’s partners  in România and you may contact them for all details and support you need. They are trained to give you all necessary details.


Once again face to face with science, I am lucky. I start by saying that I am well, healthy, and I wish you all to be like this.
Little by little things are settling for my son.

Yes! I admit I’m a very lucky person. I do not know if I am like this by the nature of things, by birth or because for the last 6 years I have endured as in 5 lives… I do not know if my luck is due to my openness to the world with everything I have lived, with what I have learned and applied and, most important, with what I gave to people.
I like to think that in life I chose to be a river, not a reservoir. A river that sieves things and gives them to people.

I am in contact with many mothers and a lot of them have different problems with their children… but the mothers also have health problems. How could you be well when your baby… is not? How?

In the previous article, a great man, a man of a simplicity and decency that disarms you, a scientist of high caliber revealed us useful, even vital information  about the almost general medical condition we are in: chronic inflammation.

Interested in Epigenetics, Nutrition, Pharmaco-nutrients, having numerous studies and books in these fields, Dr. Clayton blames chronic inflammation as a major cause of the onset of degenerative diseases such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, allergies, obesity, cancer, etc.
We should think about what Dr. Clayton said: the major cause is represented by the factors that trigger Chronic Inflammation in our bodies, as the addictive and over-processed food, the modern drinks, the environment, the medication, but also the oxidative stress, the facts and thoughts that we issue to others and that others issue to us.
Together with Dr Clayton we decided that in a future article (today’s article) we’ll speak at length about the solutions we have to enter into Balance and to get rid of Chronic Inflammation

Why did I lose the Balance? Read the article here .

For some time, I and my child take supplements recommended by Dr. Clayton, supplements that he has developed and still works on them. These are the products that he writes about in all his books: omega 3, beta-glucans and polyphenols.

What they are, how they are called and what particular products he has recommended to us, I will let  Dr Clayton tell you.

1. Ani Crețu: Dr. Clayton, I am grateful to you for this new article and for the unconditional help offered to me, for the help given to other people who wrote to me following the first article. I think it is time to tell readers about supplements that can help us gain or maintain our well-being, get rid of chronic fatigue, depression and many other problems caused by Chronic Inflammation.
Which product did you recommend to me after the blood test, where it is clear that the ratio Omega 6-Omega 3 is 15.3: 1 and the normal value is below 3: 1? And why this one?

Dr. Paul ClaytonI would not say the normal value of the omega 6: omega 3 ratio is below 3:1! That is the optimal ratio, but the norm is sadly very different, due to the badly designed nature of the foods sold to us by Big Phood. The prevailing (ie the most common ratio) is around 15:1, and this is one reason we see so many cases of chronic inflammation, and so much degenerative disease. We know that simple fish oils do not usually solve this problem, and the reason seems to be that they are incorrectly formulated; that is to say, without the chaperones that nature originally supplied. It is critically important to combine fish oils with the right chaperones, which we find in oily fish, and in high-polyphenol olive oil. Balance oil combines very pure fish oil with high polyphenol olive oil. This is the formula we find is by far the most effective way of correcting the 6:3 ratio; and solving the health problems linked to an excessively high 6:3 ratio.

2. Ani Crețu: There are many supplements on the Romanian market. People are already overwhelmed by their number and also or especially by the advertising for these supplements.
Because there will be people asking me, because it is important to know, please Dr. Clayton to tell us what does BalanceOil  compared to other similar products? What are the basic components of this supplement? How long did it take you to get it on the market?

Dr. Paul Clayton: Balance oil is not fish oil, it is fish oil plus high polyphenol, pre-harvest olive oil.
It took decades of research to get to this stage, and then years to establish it in the market. It is really taking off now, so some people see it as an overnight success. But it is an overnight success that took nearly 40 years!

3. Ani Crețu: Are there any contraindications to the administration of Balance Oil? Can anyone take it? Can everyone take fish oil supplement? Is there a vegan alternative? What is the amount needed for a day?

Dr. Paul Clayton: The only established precaution is in those individuals taking blood thinners. It is not really a contra- indication, because providing the physician is monitoring blood clotting time, they can reduce the dose accordingly. There are theoretical reasons for thinking that subjects with pyroluria may not react well to Balance oil, but as the medical profession is not even sure if pyroluria exists, it is too early to establish this as a precaution. And yes, there is a vegan alternative. It sounds odd, but fish don’t make fish oil.
They get it from their food, and specifically the oils produced by cold water algae. So we can extract long chain omega 3’s from marine algae. Please note, these are very different from the short chain omega 3’s from flax or hemp. These are not very helpful at all. 

4. Ani Crețu: Dr. Clayton, this Company, Zinzino, offers clients the opportunity to perform blood tests in Norway at the Vitas Independent Laboratories .
Is it important to do the test before starting the supplement? And how long should the blood test be repeated to see how much inflammation has decreased?

Dr. Paul Clayton: I do not believe in medicalising everyone, and not everyone needs Balance oil. I recommend testing before buying any supplement to see if you really need it. If the test shows you already have a good 6:3 ratio, don’t buy it! But if you get a bad result, then it is definitely worth doing something about it to improve your health prospects, and Balance oil is the answer.
Chanigng the 6:3 ratio in your cell membranes is a slow process, so you should really test again after about 4 months.

*N / A. It is very important to know that:
-tests are done at home, in the box is all that is needed for this.
– the samples are sent without your name on the envelope inside, only the country and the date of harvest.
-Each individual makes the picture of the code inside the box, from the paper on which the 2 drops of blood are placed, is placed at the post office with a stamp of Norway-12 lei and after about 2 weeks half enters here, where you enter the code and download the results.

5. Ani Crețu: I would like to move to your recommendations in the diet of supplements that you recommended for my son Adan. In Romania, there is a … wave in the number of allergic people.
You gave him the BalanceOil, ZinoBiotic, Protect from Zinzino and Quercitin-Swanson.
Can you tell everyone what they are and if they are recommended for people with allergies?

Dr. Paul Clayton: Balance oil is a highly effective way to reduce inflammatory stress in the body. ZinoBiotic does the same thing in the gut, by modulating the microbiome and restoring it to what it used to be hundreds of years ago.
The 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans in Protect from Zinzino shift the TH1/TH2 ratio, which is a powerful anti-allergy effect, and quercetin stabilises mast cells, among other things, which is also a powerful anti-allergy effect. When you combine anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory nutritional tools, allergy symptoms are greatly diminished; we see amazing results.

*N / A. – There is VEGAN oil with omega 3 and polyphenols, either for those with allergies or for people on a Vegan diet.

6.  Ani Crețu: Like my son there are many people with gastrointestinal disorders or Chron Disease in Romania.
What do you recommend to them? What is the supplement scheme?

Dr. Paul Clauton: I should stress that under current regulations, it is illegal to say that a nutritional product can treat a disease; and it is illegal, regardless of whatever the science says. So, I cannot say that ZinoBiotic can treat IBD, or even IBS.
However, if you talk to anyone who has used this product, they can tell you their own story. I have heard, by now, many hundreds of these stories and they remind me why I wanted to study medicine in the first place. My desire was to help people, and the pharmaco-nutritional tools we have developed at Zinzino have allowed me to do that in an unprecedented way.
Not all cases respond as much as they (or we) would like, so in this situation we would add Balance oil for further gains.

7. Ani Crețu: Now I would like to turn the attention to a very young age category: 0-3 years. They are increasingly affected by intestinal problems and allergies.
What supplements can these children take?

 Dr. Paul Clayton: All the tools we have developed are entirely natural, and derived from foods. So, they can be used at almost any age, though the current regulations stipulate that very young infants should not be targetted. In my view can be extremely counter-productive, because I know that in many cases the very young benefit hugely from the interventions we use. The use of omega  3 fatty acids in ADHD, for example, is very well evidenced.

8. Anti Cretu: Another big problem: gluten intolerance, non-celiac gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease. Are there any products that cannot be taken by people suffering from one of these conditions?

Dr. Paul Clayton: Our products are gluten-free and hypo-allergenic. In fact, they are very helpful in allergy, and in auto-immune disease!

9. Ani Crețu: Dr. Clayton, how long will take for a person to begin to feel the difference? When is the well-being installed? Is there a period for treatment and maintenance?

Dr. Paul Clayton: Balance oil typically takes several weeks to start to show improvements. ZinoBiotic produces very obvious benefits in the first 3 to 4 days, and Viva – well, with Viva, major benefits appear after the first dose!

10.Ani Crețu: As with the number of allergies, the number of people with type 2 Diabetes is expanding. Is it possible for them to keep the condition under control or to cure it? If so, how?

Dr. Paul Clayton: As I said above, we are not allowed to make medicinal claims for natural or nutritional product.
These regulations are very out of date and have been rendered obsolete by a lot of recent nutritional science, but we have to work to the laws whether we believe in them or not. So I cannot comment about type 2 diabetes, other than to say that there is a good dal of evidence that the condition can be significantly improved by calorific restriction, carbohydrate restriction and exercise.

11.Ani Crețu: Cancer is a scourge. There is a great paradox: medicine has progressed and humanity is dying of Cancer … Is there a possibility to recover your body and achieve well-being even with a cancer diagnosis? Could a patient of this disease supplement their diet with Omega3- BalanceOil?

Dr Paul Clayton: I cannot comment directly about cancer, for the usual legal reasons. However, when cancer patients approach me for help or advice, I routinely recommend anti-inflammatory nutrition, because cancer is driven, in some ways, by inflammation.
There are other recommendations but I cannot go into those here. 

12.Ani Crețu: When we become aware of the state we are in: chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, diabetes, allergies, etc. and start a diet of supplements, is it necessary to adopt a particular diet?

Dr. Paul Clayton: The symptoms you list may have many different causes. I think it is better to look closely at each case and to try to identify the nature of the individual problem, before making any recommendations.

 13. Ani Crețu: Doctor, I found out that you like to create products that slow down the aging and degradation of the body, supplements that will help us reach honorable ages without being the prisoner of any degenerative disease. Is this true? What is the product that fits in here and why?

Dr. Paul Clayton: People talk about telomere shortening, mitochondrial senescence and other esoteric ageing mechanisms. Well, they undoubtedly occur, but very few people die of short telomeres or burned-out mitochondria!
They age and die long before they reach those event horizons, and largely of chronic degenerative diseases. And when you look at what is happening in these cases, they are largely driven by deterioration of the extra-cellular matrix, the three-dimensional mesh of micro-fibers that holds our cells and tissues together. If you have chronic inflammatory stress, this causes excessive erosion of the matrix, leading to the thinning of cartilage and bone, the wrinkling of skin, the deposition of atheroma in our arteries, the loss of brain cells and the spread of cancer cells that kill most of us. This is called inflammageing and according to this new understanding the bulk of the ageing experience (and the dying experience) can best  be described in terms of the progressive loss of matrix. In other words, if we do not take care of the extra-cellular matrix we fray, like cheap fabric. So, stop excessive inflammation. And you can do this with Balance oil and ZinoBiotic.

14. Ani Crețu: Do you have a supplement that you do not miss? One you take daily? What is it?

 Dr. Paul Clayton: I take Balance oil, ZinoBiotic and Xtend every day. I eat a terrible diet (the airline diet actually), and have a very stressful life. But my nutritional status keeps me very healthy. People who know me would also say, that it has slowed my ageing. So far!

15. Ani Crețu: An advice for all those who want to start regaining a normal life, without depressive illnesses and conditions, because yes, depression means an inflammatory state in the body.

Dr. Paul Clayton: Stop smoking, take regular exercise, lose weight if you have to. Don’t eat processed foods, learn how to cook with basic produce. Take time to smell the roses. And if you want to take it further, you could follow my nutritional regime.


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